Committee Members

The club is run by a committee, under a constitution, who volunteer their time to help things run smoothly, organise events and activities and take care of all the background affairs that enable the club to exist. Committee members must have been members of Fenland Archery Club for at least a year and are voted into their positions each year at the annual general meeting. Full club members are welcome to apply to join the committee and are allocated their positions through a democratic voting process.

The Committee for 2019-2020 are:

Chairman Neil Jones Contact form.
Secretary Lesley Dorling Contact form.
Treasurer Heather Hooper Contact form.
Field Officer Dave Slack Contact form.
Tournaments Officer Dave Slack Contact form.
Records Officer Stuart Double Contact form.
CPO Officer Lesley Dorling Contact form.
Web Master Stuart Double Contact form.
Lead Coach Chris Rea Contact form