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Etiquette dictates that if you want help or advice you should ask for it because it is considered bad form for one archer to interrupt another archer by offering criticism on their style, unless of course a matter of safety is involved.

With this in mind it is much more beneficial to have special sessions set aside where trained coaches dedicate their time to help beginners and experienced archers alike to improve their archery form, technique, understanding and hopefully their enjoyment of the sport and pastime of archery.

The club has a number of Archery GB licensed coaches who can by arrangement assist with helping you to develop your shooting.

There are also coaches who periodically visit clubs to help with development of archers and of course that helps them to develop their own coaching skills too. wpa6020878_05_06

Like most things we can learn in life, proper practice leads to greater success.

If you decide you want to develop yourself as a coach or as a judge we will help point you in the right direction too.

There are also coaching sessions available at various pro-shops.