Two exciting new initiatives

To Club Secretaries & Direct Members
Please see email below from Stephen Dace, the CAA Team manager. It sets out two exciting new initiatives – a SCAS Inter County postal competition and a “friendly” inter-county match with Norfolk. Could you please pass on details of these initiatives to your members. I hope that all clubs will, in particular, support the inter county postal competition and get your scores to Stephen by the 21st of each month (January, February and March). It covers most bow types so all of your members including juniors can potentially take part. The rules are set out below. Stephen will ensure the scores are submitted to the competition coordinator by the due date.
Could you also encourage your better archers to complete the attached team selection entry form for the friendly match against Norfolk and get it to Stephen as soon as possible.
Have a great New Year.
John Gorman
CAA Secretary/Treasurer
Email from Stephen Dace

County team update

So, Christmas and the New Year are nearly upon us and I am sure you would like to know what is in store for the county team in 2019, well here goes. I have been working on a few things over the last couple of months and am pleased to say they have now been confirmed and we have two fixtures starting in January 2019, I am working on some additional fixtures to take us through 2019.


SCAS Indoor Postal League 2019

There is a postal being run January to March 2019, this is something new and is really a work in progress and we are hoping it runs smoothly and will become an annual indoor season event. The setup is as below.

Round – Portsmouth (running January to March 2019)

• Straight league – All counties submitting and ranked in team order for each bow style.

• Bowstyles – ▪ Recurve (8 archers to count) ▪ Compound (6 to count) ▪ Longbow (5 to count) ▪    Barebow (4 to count), ▪ Junior Mixed bow styles (8 to count)

• If a county has no archers for a bow style, then they are not listed in that bow styles results for the month/league results.

• Juniors Mixed team to have a handicap as follows (Recurve – as scored, Longbow and Barebow plus 20%, Compound minus 10%) These have been worked out using the last 3 years of Hertfordshire data.

• All scores submitted will count, up to the maximum for that bow style. If less than the stated team size then the number of scores submitted will count.

• All archers are expected to follow their counties normal submission criteria. All scores are submitted to the “SCAS Indoor Leagues Organiser” (SILO) – Dave Chudley, by a County Officer/ Team Manager etc. No archers are to submit directly to SILO. Any scores submitted directly to the SILO will be ignored.

• All scores submitted must be shot before the 21st and submitted to the SILO by the 28th of the month. (this is to put a little pressure on the teams to simulate an actual meeting)

• Scores submitted must list County, Archer, date shot, Score, Hits, xs. (maybe run an individual league also, just for bragging rights)

• All Scores to be submitted on the spread sheet / word document supplied only.

• This year’s league is bragging rights only. Other years could possibly involve SCAS medals etc

• All teams where possible, should be contain members of the opposite sex


County Matches

Cambs v Norfolk (Friendly)

This is a UKRS WA25m to be held at City of Norwich Archers on March 25th 2019, they are holding 12 places for the Cambs team. I am looking to book Cambs onto session 2 starting at 2pm. Once we have a team selected, I will complete the entry form and send of to the organiser. You will be entered by the county and will be eligible for individual awards as well as bragging rights when we win!


What to do next, well as you can see, we really need to act fast to ensure we get a team(s) selected so please complete the team selection application form (attached). We will then follow the below criteria to select the team(s).


Team Selection


Ø  Submitted scores will be collated by the team manager

Ø  Team manager will then rank archers scores from highest to lowest score

Ø  Team manager and team captain will select 1st place gent and lady (including junior) in each category submitted for the team

Ø  Team selection and make up will be dependent on the shoot requirements

Ø  The team captain will fill the remaining places to fill the full required team

Ø  Once the team has been selected each team member will be contacted to check availability

Ø  If a team member not available for shoot team captain will select a replacement

Ø  Once selection complete an email will be sent out to those selected for the team(s)

Ø  Reserves will also be emailed to advise archers they may be called up


Any questions please email me


Hope to hear from you soon


Stephen Dace

Team Manager