We encourage our members to be active in shooting at competitions throughout the year when they feel they are ready.

We hold our own competitions three times a year. In March we hold indoor “Portsmouth and Double Portsmouth” rounds, in July an outdoor “St. George, Albion, Windsor, Short Windsor, Junior Windsor” rounds event. We have also started to run an outdoor “Clout” competition which will be in September (tba). There is also an annual Pumpkin shoot held as well just for fun.

We also host tournaments for other clubs and for the county and all members are encouraged to come along to these events to compete or help with various tasks during the day to keep the events running smoothly.

It can be quite experience learning aspects of running the club, running a tournament and seeing what the judges do. You may decide that you want to train to become a judge, if you do then you can chat with the judges or visit Archery GB to find out more.

As well as our own events there are many others held by other archery clubs, a lot of which are open tournaments that anyone can compete at. One day you may find yourself competing at the Olympics or Commonwealth Games. GOOD LUCK!

For details of nearby tournaments in and around the area please visit:

Cambridgeshire Archery Association - Events

Lincolnshire County Archery Society - Calendar

Bedfordshire County Archery Association - Calendar

Northamptonshire County Archery Society - Calendar

Leicestershire and Rutland County Archery Association - Shoots

Archery Interchange UK  -  Calendar

Archery GB Tournament Diary

Click below for Fenland Archery Club annual tournament Entry Forms:

Portsmouth St. George Previous Results

Saturday 21st March 2015

2015 TBA

Open Clout

2015 TBA

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  Beginners courses are ran throughout the year   please contact the club Secretary to book your place!

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