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It is the aim of Fenland Archery Club to provide the support necessary for all members to broaden their knowledge of archery, develop their skills and motivate each other to achieve improvement in their performance as archers. To this end, the coaches will assist archers to understand and practise basic form, identify areas for improvement, develop effective training habits and create positive relationships with coaches and others.


The club has a number of Archery GB licensed coaches who can assist with helping you to develop and improve your shooting. Initially, to enable you to enjoy the sport of archery from the very moment you start, basic practices and techniques will be taught during the archery beginners courses. Then, as a novice archer, we will continue to offer you direct support and guidance to help you develop as an archer. This will include such things as the selection and purchase of equipment, the development of good shooting technique and an introduction to competitive archery.

As a more experienced archer, you will be encouraged to continue your personal development, either through coaching within the club or by the use of external coaches. Periodic coaching sessions, for all bow types, can and will be organised. All you have to do is ask.